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Beautiful Blossoms in the Spring... Delicious Cherries in the Summer!

Grow up to 10,000 cherries per plant!

Order The Flowering Cherry Hedge Today!
Order The Flowering Cherry Hedge Today!

With the amazingly fast growing Flowering Cherry Hedge, you'll soon be collecting cherries by the bowlful that you can use to make delicious pies, impressive desserts, and sweet jams. Or, just pick them off the bush one at a time for a fresh, tasty snack!

Tasty Benefits

Delectable Results

Order The Flowering Cherry Hedge Now!

Who says that for cherries by the bushel you have to nurse, baby and coax a tree for half a lifetime? It used to be that way — BUT NO MORE! Not since the development of the amazing fruiting hedge you see pictured on this page. Just 3 plants make an orchard!

The Flowering Cherry Hedge erupts in a 5-feet high flower wall of bloom... a dazzling living fence of lush green foliage and snowdrifts of white blossoms, loaded down with clusters of luscious cherries to eat by the bowlful, smack off the bush.

And It's Winter Hardy Down To 40 Below Zero! And look how simple it is! Just drop in the ground, water when needed, and starting next spring get set for a Non-Stop Cherry Festival year after year.

Easy To Grow, Even In Harsh Conditions

Poor Soil? No Problem

Winter Hardy to 40 degrees below zero!

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